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Welcome to - in conjunction with - the North American home of the worldwide Stetzerizer electrical pollution meter and filters. We are also your source for daily EMF or EMR related news. We cover smart meter news, dirty electricity, and anything related to electromagnetic fields, electrification, and their impacts on health. Read about us for more information.

New video in-depth news coverage of Dirty Electricity and Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter and Filters at cancer cluster La Quinta Middle School
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NEW: Non-Radiating (When Not In Use) Cleaner Cordless Phone System - Individually Tested to Ensure Lowest Exposure

NEW: *HEAR* Dirty Electricity with this New Demo Meter with Sound - Great Companion for Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter

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Analog Electric Meter - Watthour Meter - Analog Only Electric Utility Meter
Analog Electric Meter - Watthour Meter - Analog Only Electric Utility Meter
Average Rating 0Review(s)
Your Price:$47.95
Combo: Microsurge Meter + 25 Filters + 2 Adapters
Combo: Microsurge Meter + 25 Filters + 2 Adapters
Average Rating 2Review(s)
Your Price:$799.97
HF35C by Gigahertz Solutions (RF - Microwave meter)
HF35C by Gigahertz Solutions (RF - Microwave meter)
Average Rating 0Review(s)
Your Price:$409.99
On sale:$399.97 On Sale
Combo: Microsurge Meter + 14 Filters + 2 Adapters
Combo: Microsurge Meter + 14 Filters + 2 Adapters
Average Rating 4Review(s)
Your Price:$499.99
Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter
Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter
Average Rating 2Review(s)
Your Price:$99.99
Trifield ® Meter 100XE by AlphaLab (Magnetic Field Meter)
Trifield ® Meter 100XE by AlphaLab (Magnetic Field Meter)
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Your Price:$149.97
On sale:$119.97 On Sale
Stetzerizer Filters
Stetzerizer Filters
Average Rating 10Review(s)
Your Price:$29.99
Combo: Microsurge Meter + 7 Filters
Combo: Microsurge Meter + 7 Filters
Average Rating 2Review(s)
Your Price:$299.99

2/26/2015 - Most of the focus in the media has been on 'smart' electric meters and the many risks that these devices pose for customers and their families.  Another risk relates to privacy invasions associated with 'smart' water meters.  A growing number of utilities are installing these devices.

2/24/2015 - James Humphrey Jr. was found dead on his bedroom floor last Monday night. The elderly man was unable to escape after his South Dallas home went up in flames. "They came out and changed that meter three weeks ago, and the house caught on fire from that meter," his cousin alleged.

2/20/2015 - Whether you can feel EMFs or not, know this: you are being bombarded 24/7 with these invisible, man-made energies. EMFs can penetrate deeply into your body and cause untold damage.It makes sense to protect yourself. But EMF protection takes many shapes and forms. The first form of protection many people think of is shielded clothing.

2/17/2015 - LE SMACKDOWN EN WIFI: A new law in France bans Wi-Fi in childcare facilities, bans all advertising targeting children under 14, and requires the use of hand-free kits to be recommended.

2/16/2015 - La Quinta Middle School is back in the spotlight - finally. This is the school Dr. Samuel Milham published a study about in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine. Dr. Milham found that the readings on the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter correlated with the risk of cancer in teachers. Now hopefully they will be forced to fix the problem!!!

2/12/2015 - In this nine minute video, Dr. Martin Blank speaks about cell phones, cell towers, and the associated health effects that can lead to cancer. He also talks about how the cell phone industry has corrupted scientific studies. He is a contributor to the Bioinitiative Report.

2/5/2015 - It's time to recognize a simple, yet alarming truth. We are all living in a sea of microwave radiation - generated by microwave ovens, cell phones and Wi-Fi 'hot spots'. This exposure represents one of the greatest threats to human health, and the telecommunication industry does NOT want you to know the truth about electromagnetic frequencies. (EMFs)

1/29/2015 - During the last decade, there has been a dramatic global increase in wireless communication use, resulting in greater exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF). Health risk concerns center on the brain, which is the main target of RF-EMF during use of mobile or cordless phones. Long-term use of both mobile and cordless phones is associated with an increased risk for glioma, the most common type of brain tumor, the latest research on the topic concludes.

1/29/2015 - Due to public uproar, some utility companies unleashing “smart” meter systems are offering opt-out programs. Opt-out often requires those who refuse “smart” meters to pay one or more fees for the right to keep their older and safer analog meters. Some complain that the fees are reminiscent of extortion from old-time protection thugs.

1/27/2015 - Maryland Smart Meter Awareness volunteers visited with a Maryland resident to help her share her own smart meter story in hopes to help others avoid the suffering she endured. 

1/27/2015 - The FCC allows devices to emit up to 10 million microwatts per square centimeter, but the U.S. only protects its population against the heating or thermal risks from microwave radiation exposure. In contrast, some countries only allow 95,000 and the EU Parliament recommends as little as 100 microwatts per square centimeter!

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2 2-prong Wall Plug with Cutoff Switch 2-prong Wall Plug with Cutoff Switch
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3 Aircom A1 Air Tube Radiation Free Headset Plastic Aircom A1 Air Tube Radiation Free Headset Plastic
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Individually Tested: Cleaner Cordless Home Phone System Individually Tested: Cleaner Cordless Home Phone System
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